Sheer Tribal BEACH Kaftan Collection

Beach Kaftan revolutionary. It is casual and yet sophisticated. It is longer than usual which is why we call it the sheer tribal long kimono. It has about regular sleeve length and it made with polyester. Paisley patterns are pretty and pleasant on the eyes. This kaftan can also be used in the spring and fall.

You’re done with your swim and you’ve got on your favorite pair of shirts but want to flaunt your bikini graciously. Here’s the perfect solution - Kaftans over your swimwear.


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Boho Beach Cover-Up | Kaftan
Boho Beach Cover up | Kaftan
Boho Beach Coverup | Kaftan
Boho Beach Cover-Up Pink | Kaftan
Bohemian Black Beach Cover | Beach Kaftan
Bohemian White Beach Cover | Beach Kaftan
White Sunflower | Beach Cover Kaftan
Black Sunflower | Beach Cover Kaftan