Swimsuits For Your Body Type

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Posted on February 01 2019

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Swimsuits for your body type

Things You Need To Know When Buying Swimsuits For Your Body Type

  1. Large bust:

     You need to look for more support up bikini tops and swimsuits with underwire for chest and thicker strap Ruffle bikini top will not be the best option for you.

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  2. The pear shape:

    I will call you Beyoncé because she has the pear shape body with curvy hips and thighs.
    Your perfect swimsuit will need to help you balancing your proportions and showing them what you got babe!
    A cheeky bikini bottom or one piece swimsuit with high cut bottom will be your best picks. Don’t reach for a boy short cut bikini bottom.
    Minimal bikini bottom is designed just for you! 

    Golden Sands Bikini Green one piece swimsuit Australian Swimwear
  1. Small bust:

    Triangle Bikini tops with more minimal coverage styles or embellishes ruffle with bold prints and details such as bows, knot tie, patterns will be what you are looking for.
    Tiny scoop tops or bandeaus are designed just for you!

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  1. Curvy: 

    How amazing! You are born this way, with full bust, hips, thighs and butt
    Either bikinis or one piece swimsuits, look for designs such as colour-blocking with high waists can help highlight your body shape.
    If you are not keen on exaggerating your curves, stay comfortable in one piece swimsuits. A Beach cover-up kaftan is a must-have. item for you

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  2. Athletic:

    You have fewer curves. Minimal bikinis styles with less coverage are your best picks. Flaunt your frame with bold prints, ruffle bikinis add intrigue and feminine flair.
    The less is more. Knot Tie-side bottom with high cut design will create an appearance of curves

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  1. Tummy concealing:

    One piece swimsuit will be your best pick but if you are looking for bikinis, high waisted tankini styles will help with tummy concealing
    Another must-have item is beach cover-up kaftan.

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